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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Have you been struggling with how to stop smoking? Do not feel bad because you are not alone. Research says that about 90% of cigarette smokers wish to quit smoking, but they do not know how. If it is your great desire to quit cigarette smoking, this article will take you through steps which will help you stop smoking for a lifetime. Read on

Decide to Quit

quit smokingJust like any other big project, you must resolve to quit. Many factors make smokers postpone the decision. Among the major reasons is the fear of the suffering they will go through once they stop smoking. Going throughout the day without quenching the thirst can be a scary thing for many. However, you should take your time and think of things which will keep you busy in the quitting process. It is important to keep an open mind as well.

List down Your Reasons as to Why You Want to Quit Smoking Cigarette

You need a pen and a paper for this one. So why do you want to quit smoking? Put down all your reasons on paper as long as they mean something to you or have influenced your decision to quit smoking. Do you want to quit smoking because the cost of tobacco is high, worried about your health, because you want to become more productive at your place of work, or you want to stop smelling bad, or you want the best health for your children or other people around you? Whichever the reason, put it down on paper. Refer to the reasons written down as motivation throughout the quitting process.

Set a Quit Date

It might not be possible to stop smoking at once. It might never happen that you stop smoking a packet a day to a non-smoker in 24 hours. It will take time. The best approach to stop smoking is reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke per day. If you have been smoking 15 cigarettes a day, reduce by one every day until you get to zero. Moments of craving will hit you, but you should get ways to stay busy during the moments of craving. Stick to the program, for the best results.

Let the People Around You Know About Your Intentions to Quit Smoking

smokingMany people fail in the attempts to stop smoking because they kept it to themselves. If you do not tell anyone about your plans, no one will be expecting to see you changed. Well, it is true we should not let others affect our decisions, but the fact that people around you know that you want to stop the habit gives you more reasons to quit. Let them know.